Our Philosophy

The practice of yoga started with the simple belief that movement and stillness can heal. All you needed to begin was your body. Somewhere along the way, yoga became exclusive - more about performance than progress. For the elite, not for everyone. But we're bringing the practice back to the people. We believe yoga has nothing to do with touching your toes. We believe some of the most rejuvenating sessions happen in the midst of chaotic schedules. We are radically inclusive. We know that the yoga community grows most by including members of all abilities and lifestyles. Most of all, we believe in partnering with you to bring the practice that we love into your daily life

Restorative Yoga

This yoga practice goes through five to six gentle and supported poses held for several minutes to help the body and mind relax and rest. Props are used to help you hold the positions longer. This form uses passive stretching to open up the body and strengthen your nervous system.

Yoga Nidra: Guided Meditation

Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation practice done laying down with support for comfort that allows the body to relax, reducing tension and anxiety in a completely relaxed state of consciousness.

Meditation & Meditation Express

Learn to quiet your mind and create a mind-body connection through the art of letting go. Meditative yoga will help you train your mind to not get distracted, and rest to focus on the inward self.

Posture and Strength

In a world where slouching over technology and steering wheels has become an epidemic, yoga for a healthy posture helps you passively strengthen & stretch your body to rehabilitate it to its correct state through still and/or gentle poses to help the body and mind rest, relax and open.

Kids & Family Yoga

This style of yoga targets young bodies and yoga practitioners of all skill levels, and introduces them to the practice while connecting families in meditation, breathing and poses to learn to find calmness together.

Sound Healing

Sound resonates in everything we do. With sound bowls, your body and mind absorb the sound waves to focus and center you for deeper meditation and healing.

Pre- & Post- Natal / Mommy & Me Yoga

Increase your strength and flexibility in pregnancy by learning proper breathing and relaxation techniques for an easier and more comfortable pregnancy and labor. Mommy and me yoga is a chance for you and your little one to engage in the practice through easy, beginner friendly moves you both can do.

Yoga 101: Intro to Studio/Gym Yoga

This class focuses on the fundamentals of yoga. It’s designed to help first timers and beginners get comfortable with their personal yoga practice.

Yin: Yoga for Connective Tissue

Yin yoga is a slow paced, meditative, passive form that stretches the connective tissues around the joints to increase circulation and flexibility. This form encourages awareness of inner silence, breathing, purposeful actions, and interconnectedness.


Kary brought me back to life, and challenged me to push myself while believing that I actually could do what she was asking me to do. She taught me about my breath and body, in ways that have resulted in ongoing health as I no longer get sick as often as i used to. Perhaps most importantly, however, is that she turned our power yoga class into an encouraging community of women, who celebrated each other's accomplishments. This is the type of community that Kary fostered, a rare group of women who cheer each other on.

Kary has a way of making you feel wanted. Her vibe radiates “yoga is for anyone & everyone”. Before meeting Kary I thought yoga was only for certain types of women and felt intimidated by yoga studios and classes. I’m beyond grateful for Kary and all her teachings. She just has a way of teaching that conforms the soul.

One of the reasons I love Kary as a yoga teacher is that she stresses that even though we all will be doing the same pose, each of us will look different. There is no "one" right way to do a pose. Kary is also so very good at assisting us in finding that perfect position. I am so grateful for her.

Lois Valleau

I took my first yoga class from Kary several years ago. I hadn’t done yoga before but had been hearing of its benefits. Kary was the right person to be teaching! She was amazing at putting me at ease.

Ken Russell