Describe Yoga’s Arc in three words


We’re new, excited and ready to work with you! At Yoga’s Arc, we’re a group of wellness centered instructors who bring yoga to you. That means we meet with you any time, anywhere to help you yoga better!


Yoga for Golfers

This article was written by Michelle Murphy, Certified Yoga for Golfers® (YFG) Level 2 Instructor. Looking to improve your golf performance beyond lessons and instruction? Then Yoga for Golfers® (YFG), offered here at Yoga’s Arc, is for you!  My teacher, mentor and founder of Yoga for Golfers®, Katherine Roberts, said it best: “At their most …


Who we are

Yoga’s Arc was given birth by co-founder and CEO, Kary Sinkule.  With over 20 years of yoga experience, Kary wanted to do something different. Yoga’s Arc is a team of instructors bringing the practice of yoga literally to you.  Name the time and place, and Yoga’s Arc will deliver the style of yoga curated for …