Exhibit B:  Code of Conduct:  Committee Members  
  1. Kary Sinkule-CEO
  2. Robert Sinkule-CFO
  3. Naomi Webster-COO
  4. Cindy Morrison- YA Yoga’s Arc LLC Instructor/Retired Nurse
  5. Jenny Yingling- YA Yoga’s Arc LLC Instructor/Over 20 Years Teaching Experience
  6.  Shuchen Chuang- YA Advisory Board Member, YA Yoga’s Arc LLC Instructor
  7. Ona Young- YA Advisory Board Member
  8. Julia Ivanova- YA Advisory Board Member, YA Research & Development
  1. Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee – Client Relationship
A good Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee – client relationship requires the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee to have high standards of professional conduct. Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees need to respect the rights and dignity of all clients. They also need to respect the trust placed in the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee by the client. The following codes emphasize trust and safety as the basis for the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee – client relationship. Please note, here the word ‘client’ includes those attending yoga classes, Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee trainees and those being mentored within Yoga’s Arc LLC.

  1.1 Respect and Rights
Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees will:
1.1.1 Demonstrate respect to all clients regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, physical and psychological limitation, sexual orientation or religious affiliation
1.1.2 Respect the values, beliefs and aspirations of all clients

1.2 Confidentiality
Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees will:
1.2.1 Protect clients’ privacy and right to confidentiality
1.2.2 Treat all information about clients as confidential
1.2.3 Obtain consent from clients before photographing, audio or video tape recording or permitting third party observation of yoga sessions.- this will be in our waiver/sign of release; we will also have announcements made anytime we know something will be filmed out of respect for clients.
1.2.4 Ask clients’ permission before adding their names to mailing lists and be clear about the content of mail-outs. Respect also the clients’ right to opt out of the mailing list.
1.2.5 On issues relating to duty of care, Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees will report any concern they have for the safety and wellbeing of their client to the relevant emergency support:
Helplines/Hotlines :
24/7/365 Crisis Call Center Hotline: 1 (800) 273-8255, or Text: “ANSWER” to 839863 Standard messaging and data rates may apply.
National Suicide Prevention Hotline 24/7 1-800-273-8255 (they have online chats and text available as well)
Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) Line: 1 (775) 221-7600
For emergencies please call 911 and report to necessary personnel of current location, it costs nothing to have the police, fire department and/or ambulance come out to a situation.  If in doubt, err on the safe side.
1.2.6  We do not abandon or neglect clients.  If we are unable, or unwilling for appropriate reasons, to provide professional help or continue a professional relationship, every reasonable effort is made to arrange for continuation of instruction with another Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee.  Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees should avoid giving any personal advice of client’s personal life. Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees are not psychologists.  

1.3 Effective Communication
Relationships based on trust and clear communication enable Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees to work effectively with their clients.
Yoga’s Arc  LLC Employees will:
1.3.1 Communicate with clients in a courteous, respectful, compassionate and honest manner
1.3.2 Communicate respect for clients through actions, language and behavior
1.3.3 Listen to clients needs, concerns, and preferences.
1.3.4 Communicate with a variety of verbal and visual cues to encourage the clients to practice yoga safely.
1.3.5 Seek permission before, and be respectful when, physically adjusting a client
1.3.6 Make comments about a client’s practice that are constructive and positive and not denigrating
1.3.7 Make only realistic statements regarding the benefits of yoga or if discussing one’s own experiences with yoga, preface it as such.
1.3.8 Avoid imposing our beliefs on others, although we may express them when appropriate in the yoga class.  We show sensitive regard for the moral, social, and religious standards of clients and groups.  

1.4 Safety
Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees will:
1.4.1 Create a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the teaching and practice of yoga.
1.4.2 Maintain safety procedures for all yoga equipment.
1.4.3 Support the safety of clients in the teaching of yoga.
1.4.4 Adhere to relevant legislative requirements relating to safety and care including Occupational Health and Safety and Duty of Care requirements.
1.4.5 Maintain public liability and professional indemnity insurance requirements.
1.4.6 Maintain CPR training qualification and competency (First Aid is also encouraged).
1.4.7 At the beginning of class, Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees should notify the class that clients may decline being touched. Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees may provide notice by making a general announcement at the beginning of the class or by asking each individual client before touching. Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees may ask clients to let the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee know that they do not wish to be touched by raising a hand. A good time to do this is at the beginning of class during child’s pose or meditation.
1.4.8 Yoga’s Arc LLC Independently Contracted Yoga Therapists, Specialty Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees and Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees providing private lessons have a duty to inquire as to any preexisting conditions of their clients prior to teaching.  However, Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees should not “diagnose” the clients.
1.4.9 If it is open and obvious that the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee has actual knowledge of a client’s condition, the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee should inquire about the condition and care with respect and recommend seeking medical advice, or a different class if that would be more appropriate for the client. Before every Yoga’s Arc LLC Event,  Employees should make a general announcement that clients should “keep themselves safe and honor their bodies”.  

1.5 Professional Boundaries
Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees will:
1.5.1 Be considerate of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of clients
1.5.2 Be considerate of the preferences and limitations of clients
1.5.3 Maintain appropriate professional boundaries in the relationships with the clients that they are serving
1.5.4 Recognize the power-imbalance between Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee and Client and not harass or exploit clients physically, psychologically, emotionally, sexually or financially
1.5.5 Declare and take appropriate steps to address any conflict of interest that may arise in dealings with clients.
1.5.6 Avoid relationships that could compromise the integrity of the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee-Client relationship.
1.5.7  We recognize the trust placed in and unique power of the Client-Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee relationship. While acknowledging the complexity of some yoga relationships, we avoid exploiting the trust and dependency of clients. We avoid those dual relationships with clients (e.g. business, close personal or sexual relationships) that could impair our professional judgment, compromise the integrity of our instructions and/or use the relationship for our gain. We do not engage in harassment, abusive words or actions or exploitive coercion of clients or former clients.  

1.6 Grievances
Yoga’s Arc LLC Operations Department & Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees will:
1.6.1 Acknowledge the client’s right to make a complaint.
1.6.2 Take all necessary actions to resolve any complaints or grievances to our Code of Conduct Committee, as outlined in the Yoga’s Arc LLC Grievance & Complaint Policy (See Exhibit C)  

2. Relationship with Peers
These Codes outline a professional approach to working with other Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees and relevant professionals.  

Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees will:
2.1 Speak respectfully of other yoga traditions, studios and health modalities
2.2 Treat other Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees and colleagues in a respectful manner
2.3 When appropriate, refer to and work cooperatively with other Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees and relevant health practitioners, to meet the needs of the client.
2.4 Consult and take advice from Yoga’s Arc LLC Resources when appropriate.  

3. Professional Practice
These Codes relate to maintaining the professionalism in yoga teaching as expected by peers, clients and the community.  

3.1 Professional Performance
Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees will:
3.1.1 Be encouraged but not required to be a member of Yoga Alliance Organization for its resources and education.
3.1.2 Acknowledge and teach yoga within the scope of one’s skills, knowledge and ability.
3.1.3 Maintain a consistent personal yoga regimen.
3.1.4 Manage one’s own personal life in a healthy fashion and seek appropriate assistance for one’s own personal problems or conflicts.
3.1.5 Agree to cooperate fully with any Yoga’s Arc LLC enquiry in relation to behavior and responsibilities as a Yoga’s Arc LLC Instructor.
3.1.6 Abide by all Yoga’s Arc LLC’s policies and procedures, and be up to date on any revisions or additions that are made to Yoga’s Arc LLC’s Employee Handbook and Code of Conduct.  

3.2 Integrity in Teaching
Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees will:
3.2.1 In all professional matters, act in a manner which honors the profession.
3.2.2 Honestly, accurately and fairly represent the benefits and outcomes of a yoga practice.
3.2.3 Respect copyright and acknowledge sources when drawing on the work of others.
3.2.4 See their knowledge and professional associations for the benefit of the people we serve and not to secure unfair personal advantage.
3.2.5 Cultivate an attitude of humanity in our teaching, we dedicate our work to something greater than ourselves.  

3.3 Business Integrity
Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees will:
3.3.1 Abide by all relevant business and legislative requirements, including, but not limited to, insurance, work cover, pay and conditions, taxation, accounting, marketing and advertising, and copyright.
3.3.2 Ensure all information relating to the benefits of yoga and information used for promotional and marketing purposes is accurate, fair, clearly stated and not misleading in any way
3.3.3 Treat all employees, the community, clients, colleagues and other yoga businesses fairly, transparently and honestly in the course of all business transactions
3.3.4 As much as possible adhere to environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices, including, but not limited to, recycling, using energy efficient products, being energy efficient, reducing waste, saving water and traveling smarter.  

Statement of Purpose
Yoga’s Arc LLC’s Code of Conduct  makes explicit the standards of ethical and professional behavior expected of Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees by their peers and the community.
It offers guidance to Yoga’s Arc LLC Employees in their role of supporting clients in their practice of yoga.  

Accordingly, Yoga’s Arc LLC’s Code of Conduct Committee must use sound and careful judgment in deciding what type of sanctions to impose when grievances are brought to our attention. There are four options:
  1. Do nothing. The facts do not show that the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee committed any transgressions according to the Code of Conduct act.
  2. A warning. The facts show that the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee’s actions were minor and that a warning is a fair sanction. The warning could be coupled with counseling.
  3. Time Out. The facts show that the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee’s actions were serious and they warrant suspending the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee for a period of time. However, the actions were not so serious that they support complete termination.
This sanction may be used when the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee is good hearted but made a mistake in judgement. Sometimes the reason is spiritual by-passing and this may weigh toward leniency.
The “time out” period is usually one year but it may be shorter depending upon the circumstances. During the “time out” the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee will receive the professional health and wellness services they committed to for the work necessary to contemplate their actions. The Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee cannot teach Yoga’s Arc LLC Events during this time.
After the “time out” period expires, the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee can approach the Code of Conduct Committee to re-commence their teaching activities or rejoin the community. Yoga’s Arc LLC’s Code of Conduct Committee then makes a determination as to whether the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee has resolved their issues and that it is appropriate for them to rejoin the community. Yoga’s Arc LLC’s Code of Conduct Committee should consider whether there has been a sincere apology and contrition, appropriate reparation to the injured parties, rehabilitation and heart-felt change before the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee may return. This decision is entirely at the discretion of the Yoga’s Arc LLC’s Code of Conduct Committee  The absence will be handled with care in the approach to informing clients of the instructors absence.
  1. Dismissal. The facts show that a Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee’s actions were so serious that they warrant dismissing the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee from the studio. The Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee is dismissed and the employment or independent contractor agreement is terminated. Yoga’s Arc LLC’s Code of Conduct Committee should carefully document its decision. This may be necessary to defend Yoga’s Arc LLC if the Yoga’s Arc LLC Employee brings an action for wrongful termination due to discrimination or other legal theory.