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This article was written by Michelle Murphy, Certified Yoga for Golfers® (YFG) Level 2 Instructor.

Looking to improve your golf performance beyond lessons and instruction? Then Yoga for Golfers® (YFG), offered here at Yoga’s Arc, is for you! Click on this link to try out a practice:

My teacher, mentor and founder of Yoga for Golfers®, Katherine Roberts, said it best: “At their most basic levels, golf and yoga are the same: intentional, dynamic movement of the body in 3 planes of motion.”

Michelle Murphy

What if I told you YFG could help increase your range of motion by 20%-40% - translating to increased strength, greater distance, and more consistency in your golf game? Golf pros focus on biomechanics of the swing. YFG focuses on the biomechanics of the body through the swing. 

The three planes of motion in the golf swing are frontal plane (side to side), sagittal plane (forward and back), and transverse plane (rotation). YFG’s proprietary methodology instructs and trains golfers on the biomechanics of the body specifically as it relates to each plane of motion through each phase of the golf swing - from address to finish position - from the 1st tee to the 18th green. 

I have played golf for many years.  My shoulders ached, my low back was stiff, and my shots were inconsistent.  When I started focusing on my entire body through YFG rather than blaming my swing, my golf game improved dramatically.  Added bonus was eliminating the aches and pains that the game of golf left me with after a round. 

If any of these benefits sound good to you, then Yoga for Golfers® can help:

  • Increase flexibility and strength for more consistency and power
  • Improve your posture
  • Improve breathing and focus to raise the level of your performance
  • Provide dynamic warm-ups so you play your best from the first tee
  • Increase your body’s endurance so you can play better, longer, and with more increased enjoyment. 

NO need to be flexible or to have yoga experience.  Please contact Yoga's Arc for private or group instruction. See you on the green!


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