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Our instructors are a group of certified, die-hard yoga enthusiasts determined to increase health and wellness through the practice of yoga. We help you reach your health and wellness goals while encouraging you!
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Our mobile yoga studio brings personalized yoga sessions wherever you are—work, home, schools, literally anywhere. See our list of classes to get a feel for what we do!
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If you can dream it, we can do it. We’ll bring the yoga to you. Below are a selection of our various services.

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Kary brought me back to life, and challenged me to push myself while believing that I actually could do what she was asking me to do. She taught me about my breath and body, in ways that have resulted in ongoing health as I no longer get sick as often as i used to. Perhaps most importantly, however, is that she turned our power yoga class into an encouraging community of women, who celebrated each other's accomplishments. This is the type of community that Kary fostered, a rare group of women who cheer each other on.

Kary has a way of making you feel wanted. Her vibe radiates “yoga is for anyone & everyone”. Before meeting Kary I thought yoga was only for certain types of women and felt intimidated by yoga studios and classes. I’m beyond grateful for Kary and all her teachings. She just has a way of teaching that conforms the soul.

One of the reasons I love Kary as a yoga teacher is that she stresses that even though we all will be doing the same pose, each of us will look different. There is no "one" right way to do a pose. Kary is also so very good at assisting us in finding that perfect position. I am so grateful for her.

Lois Valleau

I took my first yoga class from Kary several years ago. I hadn’t done yoga before but had been hearing of its benefits. Kary was the right person to be teaching! She was amazing at putting me at ease.

Ken Russell